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Paranormal State Season 4: Invitation to Evil

Part 2

Quick question: what pray tell is a "shadow demon?"

What sort of witchcraft did this guy practice? Wicca? BTW?

I found the OH HERE WE GO AGAIN and ALWAYS WITH THE DEMONS moments among the cast very lulzy.

Seriously though, what's a shadow demon? Nepheshim maybe? Something Solomonic?

This show is quite the guilty pleasure for me, but sometimes.... :)

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Druid cookies

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An announcement

My documentation for the Dedicant Program has been accepted. I am now a Dedicant of Ár nDraíocht Féin.

I am very proud, and in this uncertain time in my life I am glad to have accomplished something of real personal value.

I wonder what's in store for the future!

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Seeing Brandon soon....

This guy, brandondedicant. Can't wait to see how his new life is going...and hope he'll like what I'm bring back from his old.

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Got an iPhone. Amazingly convenient communication.

Guys, I was wrong. The purpose of life is to surround yourself with as many electronic toys and gizmos as possible.

Guess I don't need all this Druid stuff anymore! Who needs nature when you can wirelessly post on a blog AND listen to podcasts at the same time!


Seriously though this thing is amazing. Maybe it'll help me to post more!

What have I been up to lately? Well, I've been putting off updating this blog as I had another Druid-centered writing project that needed attention. I'm still not completely ready to resume writing regularly...but I'll be there soon. Very soon.

I'm thinking of posting some of the more interesting tidbits from my handwrirten journal here. The last 6-9 months has been a time of remarkable change for me, and the change has been accompanied by some wild experiences!

Anyway, will post again soon with details.



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What I'm up to
Hi all,

Well, work has been a little bit more relaxed lately, so I've had a chance to sit back and take stock of all the things going on. Here's a taste:
  • I finished and sent in my DP documentation. I should know in a few weeks if it's approved. Excited!
  • Now that I have a working relationship with my Kindreds, I am focusing on building magickal skill for a while. I am working through John Michael Greer's "Druid Magic Handbook," and have:
    • Cut a set of Ogham sticks from the fallen branches of a sacred gingko tree in my area. Of course, I asked permission :)
    • Restarted daily Ogham readings as well.
    • Been performing daily Elemental Cross rituals (Similar in intent to the LBRP. Great way to wake up!)
    • Worked on a dual ADF/AODA ritual structure, which will allow me to work with both the The Fire, Well, and Tree and the 4 elements. It's mostly done.
    • Consecrated a wooden ring with an inlaid bronze spiral that I keep around my neck. It symbolizes the Central Grove, at the center of the 8 Stations at the Wheel of Year and is a source of power.
    • Consecrated 8 stones for each of the High Days.
    • Got a Druid Wand from the same tree above.
  • I have started to be able to see the Etheric Bodies of other people and living things. At least, I think that's what they are. I've been using this ability to help out friends with energy blockages.
  • Also, I am beginning to work with the Irish gods and goddesses on a more systematic level.
  • For my magick group, I am doing some work trying to contact one of my Ancestors in trance. The goal is to consult with him and find some direction.
  • I performed my Mabon ritual up in the mountains. It was basically a standard ADF celebratory rite mixed in with the 4 elements, enchantment work, and other small pieces of the AODA grove ritual structure. Went very well, and had a very positive omen. Mor for the past, Coll for the future, Tinne for the present.
  • Bought four books off of Amazon: three by John Michael Greer on ritual magick, monsters, and his Druidry Handbook, as well as the Psychic Vampire Codex by Michelle Belanger.
  • Have been working on some energy healing techniques, mostly for myself.
It's been a rough month though, I have to say. Work hasn't been going well, I've felt off physically, and I've been dealing with some issues of loneliness and depression. My girlfriend back home was in a car wreck, but she's OK, thank the Kindreds. Just a few more days until Mercury turns direct.....can't wait.

I have been going out with some new friends lately though, and that has really helped. Also, I am starting a mini-MBA program in November that will definitely keep me....busy.

I've been doing a lot of meditation as well, although I think I need to focus my meditations on a goal, as opposed to simply relaxing. Many times I feel calm, but less driven than before.

Here's some pics of Mabon:

My Ogham set I cut.

And here, arranged in a Wheel of Life "mandala" from the Druid Magic Handbook.

The "Stone Tower" along the path to my ritual spot in the mountains. MAN this path was dangerous. It looked like it hadn't been repaired in years.

A cool deer skull placed next to the spot near where I did my ritual.

I kept seeing this mark on the road. It probably shows construction workers where the water pipes are, but for me, it was obviously Koad from the Forfeadha! Good omen.

Finally, two interesting things happened during my Mabon ritual. One was that a guy actually walked down the mountain as I was setting up, saw all my ritual gear, and asked me "...are you a physicist?"

Nice guess, I suppose.

The other thing: I got attacked by monkeys! It was awesome. I was searching for a good rock to use as an altar when I heard something drop down the slope behind me. I looked up to see what it was, and there was a family of monkeys looking down at me. I've never seen monkeys in Japan before.

Course, then they started throwing small rocks and half-eaten eggplants at me, which was pretty hilarious. I got out of it fine.

Bright Blessings everyone.

This blog is alive
I know it's been 2.5 months since I posted. But I still have plans for this blog. I do!

I will post more soon with details of the interesting things that have happened to me in the past months. It's been a great summer!

Going forward, I will still probably post only a few times a month. But the quality will be higher than before.

And on a very positive note, after tonight, I will have completed the first drafts of all of my Dedicant Program documentation.

Interviewed by Lamyka's Pagan Podcast
Hi all,

I feel slightly nervous in mentioning this...but I was recently interviewed by my friend and fellow Tokyoite Lamyka, of Lamyka's Pagan Podcast.

If you are interested in hearing us talk about ADF, ghosts, ethics, how cool Brandon Newberg is, ecclesiastical accreditation and other subjects I know nothing about, international Paganism and why I think it's totally OK to appropriate whatever you want from the cultures of the world*, please click on the below:

You'll also get to hear what an earthquake sounds like in podcast form. Fun stuff.

Hope it's interesting,


*Jokes! Joking!

Hi all,

Just wanted to make a quick note, to let you know that I'm still alive. I started a pen-and-paper religious journal that I've been updating almost every day with thoughts, experiences, results of divinations, etc. I've also been hitting my DP essays hard.

I'll still use this journal of course, but more for discussion pieces and less for recording experiences for my DP.

Feeding the spirits?
I am trying to use this journal as the "spiritual/magickal journal," the value of which every knowledgeable Pagan impresses stresses to the neophytes, but I really think I need a supplementary notebook that will help me keep regular with my postings.

Last night after hitting the gym, I stopped at a tiny, trash-speckled "park" (more like a space between office buildings that hasn't yet had its revenue potential maximized, so to speak) where I had been to once before. The path to this place is circuitous and lightly-traveled. I picked up all the trash, sat down at a bench, and performed the Two Powers meditation.

After all of my energy centers were filled, I extended my hands and offered that Earth and Sky energy to whatever spirits inhabited the park. I had a suspicion that this place was numinous, but it was just a feeling. In response to my gift, I started to see the clear, ghostly outlines of something manifesting before me. I've decided this phenomenon (which until recently I had thought I had lost the ability to perceive) either means that I am just whipping up the energy of the place or that I really am nourishing the spirits of the place with the energy I called.

Either way, I hope I helped. If I was a spirit in that often-overlooked and sickly sort of place, I would have appreciated it.


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