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The value of privacy

Over my two week holiday in December, I had the opportunity to speak with my family further about some of my religio-magical practices.

They already know the outline of what I do, but as we ventured further into the less immediately-understandable parts of my practice (divination, spirit work, other ideas that subvert current ideas of causality), I found that I liked the tone of the conversation less and less.

It's not anyone's fault. It took me such a long time to understand the point of all this as well, and I can't expect anyone to throw away a good portion of the ideas they find comfortable after a single conversation.

But the conversation served merely to confuse. In particular, I learned that my family + my Thoth deck should never mix. Just didn't like the energy.

So I'm going to be a lot more quiet around friends and family when it come to religion. I'm glad I've reached the point where I can be comfortable with myself and my practice, with less need for outside validation.

Maybe next year I'll try again.

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